Image: Installation view (with Michael Mahalchick, Brook Hsu, Sarah Kurten, Sofi Brazzeal, Michel Auder, Nicolas Guagnini, and Dawn Kasper) of The Split, GRIN, Providence, RI, 2017

Video Screening Series:

Seven Easy Steps

Horton Gallery

New York, NY

2009, Oct 13: Social Improvements
2009, Nov 17: Loving Relationships
2010, Jan 4: Scientific Discoveries
2010, Feb 15: Physical Pleasure
2010, Mar 29: Technological Innovations
2010, May 11: Spiritual Ecstasy
2010, June 15: Artistic Masterpieces 


Antoine Catala
Adam Frelin
Anna Campbell
Avi Krispin
Benjamin Dowell
Bryan Zanisnik
Cecelia Condit
Desiree Holman
Erica Eyres
Erica Magrey
Julie Lequin
Jashin Friedrich
Joel Gibb
Jennifer Sullivan
Jonathan Ehrenberg
Juliana Cerqueira Leite
JD Walsh
Joost Conjin
Kate Gilmore
Keith Telfeyan
Kelly Sears
Katarina Riesing
Kelly Sears
Koen Hauser
Kerry Downey
Leidy Churchman
Larry Carlson
Mads Lynnerup
Melanie Schiff
Martha Colburn
Michael Robinson
Michael Smith & Will Wegman
Ovyind Aspen
Pascual Sisto
Philippe Blanchard
Richard T. Walker
Ronnie Bass
Stephen Hilyard
Susana Guadencio
Sophia Peer
Shana Moulton
Willie Thurlow

Seven Easy Steps video screening series that will empower you to take the steps towards achieving happiness and leading a successful, fulfilled life. People feel happy when their desires are fulfilled. The series will continue with videos that will reveal the inner emotional strides and personal sacrifices viewers need to make in order to find Loving Relationships; the necessary information to make Scientific Discoveries; the sacred guidance that will lead them towards Spiritual Ecstasy; the appropriate equipment and creative stimulus in order to attain Technological Innovations; the titillations and delights that blissfully lead to Physical Pleasure; and finally the expertise, skill, and ingenuity that guides them towards producing Artistic Masterpieces.