Exhibition and Performance Center:

Physical Center


The Former Convent of Saint Cecilia

Brooklyn, NY


2010, Nov 20

Awst & Walther
Paul Bergeron
Jenn Brehm
Jesper Carlsen
Myla Dalbesio
Marianna Ellenberg
Philip Hausmeier
Chele Isaac
Chris Marshall
Shantell Martin
Erica Magrey
Naomi Schliesman
Eric Shows
Sallie Smith
Rose Surnow
Elisa Swann
Sean Simpson
Patrick Smith
Hyla Skopitz
Andrew Steinmetz
Melanie Schiff
Jennifer Sullivan
Weston Ulfig
Hans Viets
JD Walsh
iO Tillet Wright
Genevieve White
Oliver Warden
Kristof Wickman
Amelia Whitelaw

“I truly believe that the lack of adequate imagery is a danger of the same magnitude [as over population and global warming]. It is as serious a defect as being without memory. What have we done to our images? What have we done to our embarrassed landscapes? I have said this before and will repeat it again as long as I am able to talk: if we do not develop adequate images we will die out like dinosaurs.”  ‐ Werner Herzog   

In answer to Herzog’s call, Physical Center will showcase performances, videos and installations that promote new images of physicality, engaging and responding to the contemporary contexts that frame material being. The works in this exhibition seek to challenge the viewers’ minds and bodies with visual, tactile, and aural sensory experiences that undermine purely conceptual readings.   

Co-curated with Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Bryan Norvelle,  Alison Wall, and Rachel Rosen

Image: Installation view (with Michael Mahalchick, Brook Hsu, Sarah Kurten, Sofi Brazzeal, Michel Auder, Nicolas Guagnini, and Dawn Kasper) of The Split, GRIN, Providence, RI, 2017