Image: Installation view (with Michael Mahalchick, Brook Hsu, Sarah Kurten, Sofi Brazzeal, Michel Auder, Nicolas Guagnini, and Dawn Kasper) of The Split, GRIN, Providence, RI, 2017


Madeline Hollander, MILE

Untitled, Art, Miami Beach


2015, Dec 2-5

Artists and Contributors:

Madeline Hollander with Michael Sean Breeden, Neil Marshall, Asami Tomida, Michael Alonzo Brown, Allyn Gyns, Chloe Freytag, Madeline Hollander & Jeremy Pheiffer.

Original score by $3.33 (Celia Hollander) 


Madeline Hollander, a New York-based artist and choreographer has worked with local Miami dancers to create a site-specific outdoor performance at Untitled, surrounding the unique architecture and location of the fair’s tent. MILE is a dance-based performance that uses a standard unit of length, in this case one mile, as the axis for the choreography. Similar to a race, the choreography and total distance traveled by each dancer is fixed, while the duration is variable. The dancers begin in unison performing movement sequences that draw from everyday rituals, sports referee gestures, and iconic classical ballet variations that unfold in a straight line, however, they naturally fall out of sync with each other as the piece progresses and they lose physical stamina. Similar to crossing a busy street, visitors will have to look both ways before entering and exiting the tent, obliged to physically evaluate their crossing through the dancers' space. 

This distance-based format, and unknown outcome, enables the viewers to engage with the piece both as dance performance and sports spectacle. Although the dancers will not actually be competing, the audience, able to come and go as they please, can place bets on the dancer’s ranking (1st, 2nd…etc) for each performance.