Image: Installation view (with Michael Mahalchick, Brook Hsu, Sarah Kurten, Sofi Brazzeal, Michel Auder, Nicolas Guagnini, and Dawn Kasper) of The Split, GRIN, Providence, RI, 2017


Untitled, Cinema

Untitled, Art, San Francisco


2018, Jan 11-14

Artists and Contributors:

Black Box Theater (with Artists' Television Access)
Chick Strand (with Canyon Cinema)
James Benning (with San Francisco Cinematheque)
Jui-Chung Yao (with KADIST)
Kristin Cammermeyer (with Recology San Francisco)
Marie Voignier (with KADIST)
Tercerunquinto (with KADIST)
Zheng Chongbin (with the Chinese Cultural Centre, San Francisco)